The staff

The staff of the office consists of executives with many years of experience and many years of presence in the field of accounting and tax services and also by young people with high academic knowledge, well trained with vision and sense of responsibility towards the entrepreneur.

The staff

Our goal is to build relationships of trust with our associates on the basis of continuous and valid information so that we are able to provide you with the right and reliable advice you are seeking.

The staff The staff The staff The staff

Moskofidis Pantelis

The staffMr Moskofidis Pantelis is the founder of the Accountancy Office in the form of a private enterprise in 1986. Since then he has entered into a number of collaborations with large companies in the providence of Serres and neighboring prefectures and has for many years been a Financial Consultant always focusing on reliable and well-advised support of office associates.

  • Economist - Business Consultant (retired)
  • Graduate ABST
  • Long-term experience in the business sector

Moskofidou Kleio

The staffMoskofidou Kleio has graduated in 2005 from the Department of Legal Economics and Political Sciences - Finance Direction of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Since then he has been working as an Accountant always focusing on providing high quality accounting services and tax advice. At the same time, he completed postgraduate specialization in International Economic and Business Relations at the Democritus University of Thrace. Today, holding the First Class Accountant's license for several years, is the owner and manager of the accountancy office.

  • Class A Accountant
  • Graduate of Aristolelio University of Thessaloniki
  • Master in International Business and Economic Relations
  • Long Time Experience in the Area

Μoskofidis Anastasios

The staffMoskofidis Anastasios graduated in 2008 from the Department of Accounting and Finance of the University of Macedonia, completed his postgraduate specialization in International Economic and Business Relations at Democritus University and from 2012 he joined the office. He then completed a second postgraduate specialization at the Technological Institute of Serres in Accounting and Financial Management. Nowadays, he has acquired the A class accountant license and in the spirit of continuous development and lifelong learning he completes his third postgraduate specialization in the subject of education.

  • Class A Accountant
  • Graduate of the University of Macedonia
  • Master in Accounting and Financial Management
  • Master in International Economic and Business Relations
  • Master of Education

Dinka Stavroula

The staffDinka Stavroula has graduated in 2014 from the Department of Accounting and Financial Management of the Technological Educational Institute of Central Macedonia and since then she has joined the office.

  • Graduate of Accounting TEI of Serres

Our Partners

The office has reliable external partners who, with responsibility and consistency, provide legal advice, retirement advice, logistics and promotional - advertising activities.

The staff The staff